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Magic the gathering


Our goal is to propel the spectator into the colorful futuristic world of Neon Dynasty with a graphic and dynamic motion design trailer that will introduce many aspects of this sci-fi universe that is totally new for Magic players.

Obviously, the card illustrations play a key role in the game. This is why we want to draw inspiration from them to create short and punchy 3D scenes with realistic yet very stylized treatments ensured by very graphic framing and lighting choices.

Each of these small scenes will illustrate a color of magic with a highly representative visual concept of it.



    • Client Wizard of the coast
    • Head of production Jade Schiff
    • Direction & Creative Direction Francois-Côme du Boistesselin
    • Concept Art Stijn Windig - Dirk Wachsmuth -Alexandre Ferra
    • Art Director/Motion designer Timo Noak - Sylvain Gaussens - Remi Loger
    • Modeling Alfonso Gonso - Andrei Le Mézec - Dirk Wachsmuth - Richie mason - Wojtek Piwowarczyk - Andrea Olovcic - Simon Gelos
    • VFX Sylvain Gaussens - Estéban Genre-Jazelet - Florian DKS - Charles DELAVAL
    • render Timo Noak - Olivier Carru - Remi Loger - Patrice Louise-
    • Music Lafayette Street Studio