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This year, League of Legends players in Asia celebrate the year of the dragon, the most mythic and powerful of all the zodiac animals. We want to regale them with a short folktale...

Our story venerates the accomplishments of a great dragon prince from the opulent kingdom of heaven. He ruled for millennia with honor, pride and dedication, never wondering what goes on in the mortal realm below...
Until now.

This video promotes the release of a new skin for League of Legend's iconic character: Lee Sin.
It was important to our client that we create an impactful and graceful character reveal.
We focused our art direction on the paradisiacal and enchanted aspect of his environment. No detail was overlooked.
We also had to think of our dragon as a mythical animal, closer to an enchanted spirit than a mythological monster. He was meant inspire joy, happiness and success, not fear and destruction.


    • Creative Director François-Côme du Boistesselin
    • Head of production Lauréline Lorion
    • Art Direction Remi Loger - Timo Noack - Simone Vezani
    • Modeling Alfonso Gonso - Wojtek Piwowarczyk - Marco Gifuni - Mihailo Radosevic - Andrei Le Mézec - Lucas Lefort -
    • Character Modeling / Setup Antonio Esparza - Lucas Salamon
    • Animation Myriam Rigonnaud
    • 2D Animation Matis
    • VFX Valerian Pierret - Guillaume Grellier- Jeremy Reveniaud
    • Render Timo Noak - Olivier Carru - Remi Loger - Simone Vezani - Marco Gifuni -